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Matriarch Digital Media presents a three part limited series addressing the complex issues and emotions raised by the “me too” hashtag on social media. First created by Tarana Burke, the “me too” hashtag has been thrust into the limelight once again by the recent news stories of sexual assault and harassment at the highest levels of business and industry. How do you process ongoing stories of abuse and harassment? How do you show up as an ally and supporter of abuse victims and survivors? How do you turn your outrage and anger into action? Host, Twila Dang and guests, Sara Stamschror-Lott (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) and Sarah Super (Founder of Break The Silence) discuss the the complex emotions that have been raised by #metoo, the role of allies and how to take turn our collective emotional response into action to create change.

GENERAL WARNING: This podcast series may contain stories that may be triggering to abuse or assault survivors.

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