Part Three - Beyond #MeToo




  • Victim vs Survivor vs Victim/Survivor - The words “survivor” and “victim” have very different connotations. Being a “victim” implies helplessness and pity, which might not adequately describe the experiences of some people who experience sexual assault. Experiences vary from person to person, after all. However, what’s so different about the term “survivor” is that it implies that people are able to take control of their own lives. “Surviving” conveys that the person is still fighting, whether through the judicial system in order to bring justice to the perpetrator, to gain awareness for the cause, or to learn to live after experiencing an assault. A “survivor” thrives in their environment. A victim/survivor chooses how they want to be spoken about. (quote taken from

  • Repressed memory – Memories that have been unconsciously blocked due to the memory being associated with a high level of stress or trauma.


“I am not powerless. I never have been. And I am ready to step up now.” – Twila Dang

beyond #MeTooTwila Dang